Visually Striking

Emotionally Satisfying

A custom closet is truly a wonderful thing, trust us. Imagine walking into an organized, chic and stylish space every morning to start your day. A place where everything has its assigned location and any garment can easily be located. APP House Construction can help make that dream custom closet a reality. If there's a specific option you want, we can build it. The custom closet customizable options are endless, so indulge yourself.


We work with our clients to design a closet that will not only take their breathe away but also remain functional by maximizing organization and efficiency.

Closet Options

Built-In Drawers

Solid wood closet shelving

Cabinet Doors (Solid, Glass, Mirrored)

Center Closet Islands

Shoe Shelving

Telescoping valets

Stainless Steel Adjustable Rods

LED Lighting

Basket Cubbies

Cedar Planks or Panels

Built-In Seating

Various Moulding Options

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