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When trying to dream up the perfect home, most people design their ideal kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms as a priority. An area which isn’t hugely thought of when it comes to getting giddy about fresh interior ideas is the mudroom. But that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. Mudrooms are often the first room you’ll step into in a home and the last room you’ll see before you leave.


We all know that first and last impressions count, so wouldn’t it be great to create an inviting space - one that welcomes both you and your guests into your home with a sense of warmth and enthusiasm? It’s about creating an environment that lifts your spirits as you enter the threshold to your home, which is why we’ve come up with a list of the most exciting trends this season to help inspire your own bespoke mudroom.

So, what is a Mudroom and why should I consider one?

Mudrooms are the perfect solution for those with a busy and active lifestyle; they provide an ideal space to take off muddy, sandy or wet items of clothing after having been out in the elements. They’re also fantastic for those who love their interiors - especially those with kids or pets - as they’re a great way of ensuring dirt doesn’t get dragged around the rest of the house!


Most mudrooms act as somewhere to keep outer-wear such as coats, boots, hats and scarves. They offer the perfect storage solution for bulky items, from large coats and kids playthings to bikes and sports equipment. What’s more, units are usually custom built to suit your needs - so you can be sure that every inch of space is cleverly used, helping you to keep the rest of your home clutter free. But they don’t need to be purely practical; most mudrooms these days strike the balance perfectly between practicality and style - and in fact, one doesn’t need to compromise the other. The mudroom is beginning to be seen as the entrance to your home and an area to get ready in, almost like a second dressing room.

Current and exciting trends for mudrooms:

New England/ Traditional

Create a calm, fresh look by taking on inspiration from country and coastal trends. We’ve been seeing a lot of New England style paneling in customers’ mudrooms of late, harping back to traditional looking seaside homes. Here are some simple ways to get the look.



We’ve spotted that currently a lot of bespoke units are being built from paneled wood, which helps to add some extra interest to the design and breaks up solid blocks. What’s more, it’s a great way to create a refined look for less; relatively inexpensive wood can be painted up in a matte, chalky finish to create that luxurious, highly sought after country style.


Soft colors

Cream painted units are particularly popular at the moment and are the perfect choice if you’re after longevity in terms of design; they’re super versatile and can be accessorized with almost any color scheme, allowing you to easily update the look. Mix with earthy tones such as greys, browns and mossy or muted greens to create that quintessential, traditional style. Adding a splash of color with soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and curtains in pastels or stripes will soften the look and add to that warm, homely feel.


Rattan Baskets and Cubbies

Natural fibres work really well with the organic looking colors of this trend, so rattan and wicker baskets will invariably make the perfect addition. The mudroom is all about flexible storage - it’s important to design yours with shelving, cupboards, hooks and drawers to really maximize on space. Pullout baskets are a really great option as they not only look the part - they can be added to shelves to create drawers or taken away to suit.


Boho/ Eclectic

Following on from the ever-popular rustic and tropical themes we’ve been seeing a lot of in interiors, the Boho trend has begun to emerge as the latest take on these looks. Combining aspects of the two previous trends, it’s set to be the style for Summer 2017 and won’t be going anywhere for a long while.

Channel a look to your mudroom:

Add plants and Aztec style cushions

Again, with adding furnishings it’s all about softening edges. There’s no better way of doing this by adding features with a ‘lived in’ feel, such as crawling plants like Ivy and textured cushions in warm colors and loud prints. They’ll help create a homely feel for your mudroom and will add heaps of personality and warmth too.


Tiled Floors

A sure-fire way to achieve the boho look is by getting in on the Mosaic trend. The easiest way to do this and create a fabulous, instant impact, is by tiling your mudroom floor. By combining many different colored and patterned tiles in a seemingly haphazard manner, you’ll be able to achieve this eclectic style with oodles of character. Not only will the floor help brighten up your room, the multicolored tiles will easily help disguise any mud!


Copper sinks and blackboards

These two design features are something we’ve already seen a lot of from the prevailing rustic trend. They continue to be an all-time favorite and are looking to stay firmly put in the style. Adding a sink to your mudroom is a fantastic idea on any account - they are super practical. Using copper as a material will create an eye-catching and stylish feature for your mudroom. Blackboards are just as useful and come in handy for jotting down things to remember before heading out the door. Likewise, they can really help to add to that lived in, cozy vibe which makes the Boho look so appealing.


Sleek & Modern

The sleek & modern look is minimalist in design but delivers maximum impact. This style centers around clean lines and simple colors, favoring a monochrome color palette or glossy dark woods and other smooth and rich materials such as concrete.

How to achieve that effect:

Minimal colors with a measured use of brightness

For a chic looking mudroom, monochrome really does seem the way to go. Looking at kitchen trends which influence the mudroom trends, black and white seems to be on the up. To avoid the room looking to clinical, a bright pop of color can be added to lift the room and add a fun element, all whilst keeping the design looking consistent. The easiest way to do this is by literally adding ‘blocks’ of color in order to keep the clean lines and overall look you’re after. Splashes of bold color can also be added through accessorizing with simple, modern ornaments such as vases. Standalone furniture like upholstered benches can also be added to give your mudroom the feel of a stylish lobby area.


Fitted cupboards with handle-less doors

It’s important not to interfere with the clean lines that are really the central pillars of this look, so have a think about installing units with handle-less doors. Unlike the more rustic designs which use open storage compartments, with this look it’s a great idea to have cupboards with doors in order to keep everything appearing neatly ordered. Handles will also break up the smooth lines, so go for magnetic doors which open upon pushing them.


Bespoke mod-cons

The beauty of creating your bespoke mudroom is that everything can be centered around your lifestyle. Modcons are a part of that, so why not get creative and add extra features to your mudroom such as areas to dock your phone before heading out. We’ve seen pet-lovers creating a mini dog wash-rooms for example - it’s your chance to work out what would make your life easier.

We’ve helped numerous customers to create their perfect mudroom and are here to help you find the perfect solution.  Give us a call today to schedule your free Mudroom consultation.

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