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As the weather begins to brighten up, thoughts turn to spending long, lazy days in the garden. It’s around this time that the garden gradually starts to become the social and active hub of the house. What was previously a slightly neglected, forgotten-about area ends up becoming the focal point of the family home; it’s almost as if an entirely new living space has emerged out of nowhere.


It’s therefore not surprising that we start to see people turn their attention to the design of their outside space around this time - and with good reason. A carefully curated outdoor area can add so much to your home. If you use the space cleverly, it can effectively be like adding an extension to your house - using it as an alternative place to eat, drink, play games and socialize.


The good news is it seems people have finally started to realize the enormous potential of their outside space. We’ve seen a lot of hype growing around a recent outdoor trend which has been coined the ‘Outdoor living room’. Essentially, it’s about treating your outside space as if it were another room in the house. The style revolves around elements typically seen as reserved for interiors such as furniture, lighting and decorative ornaments being translated into exciting features for the garden. We’ve been seeing mirrors, chandeliers and ornate photo frames added to patio areas alongside comfortable 3 piece suites.


At long last, outdoor design has finally become a focus; the same amount of creative attention that we see lavished on interior design is now being spent on the garden.


 So, how can I make the most of my outdoor space?

With outdoor design becoming more prominent, there are now plenty of places to look for inspiration and a plethora of ways to get your garden looking great. However, arguably the most simple, sure-fire way of creating a versatile and usable space is by adding a patio area.


A plain change in flooring immediately works to define an area as separate from the rest of the garden - breaking up the space both visually and in terms of practical use. What’s more, it will help emanate a refined and landscaped look with the advantage of requiring minimal upkeep.


Tables and chairs can be added to create an extensive outdoor dining area where you’ll have plenty room to entertain guests and host long lunches with friends and family. But you needn’t be restrained to creating just the one patio area; by adding in elements to break up the space such as steps and different levels, it’s easy to create any number of different zones. A popular concept with customers is making a games area for activities like table tennis. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, why not think about getting a hot-tub? A canopied area also looks fabulous and is perfect for housing cushioned lounger beds and even TVs to make a space that is practical and usable the whole year-round.


With so many possibilities the only limit is your imagination - which is why we’ve come up with a list of inspiring ideas for designing your Patio. We’ve been busy scouring the latest outdoor design trends to find you the hottest looks you need to know about this season, so read on to find out more….



Coastal Look


The key to this garden trend is the use of natural, rustic looking materials.



In terms of flooring for your patio area, decking is a great choice to echo walkways on a pier. For a more modern take on the look, a natural paving such as sandstone or a patio in light gray is ideal for drawing the minds-eye to sandy beaches. Driftwood is ideal for creating one of a kind ornaments, whilst light oaks are fabulous for bespoke canopied areas.



Using a soft, neutral color palette is perfect for mimicking the subdued, warm colors by the sea. For the soft furnishings, light blues, pastels or even reds can be employed to add some warmth and interest. Alternatively, opt for a crisp white for a minimal look.



Adding throws and cushions will not only add personality, it’ll make your garden an all-year-round destination. For a more playful look, look for anchors, shells, fish or striped prints.



Boho / Tropical look


This trend is a whole lot of fun - be sure to include popping colors, prints galore and exciting textures. Born out of the tropical and rustic trends, the boho style has taken the playful look a step further and added a Moroccan element. The vibe is mix and match – the more eclectic the better.



To translate this to your patio, let’s start with the flooring. Having colorful, mosaic inspired tiles will instantly give you the look. In terms of playing it a bit safer, terracotta tiles or crazy paving is a great option. If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water before fully committing to the style, then something very plain but modern like a concrete floor will look great with the addition of a colorful carpet.



A veranda from which to hang ivy, cacti and other hanging plants will add the much-needed foliage to bring in the tropical element to this look, making canopies perfect for this style. Slouchy hammocks are also a big part of the look and are always a popular choice in gardens. The other advantage of adding a canopy is that it’ll create a weather-proof area where you’ll be able to add pictures and even wallpaper to get the full outdoor living room look.



Soft lighting is key for the Boho style. Be sure to add plenty of quirky lamps or fairy lights to make evenings super-cozy. Installing a fire-pit will also add to the cozy, bohemian feel. If you’re after a little more luxurious, add a chandelier, glass ornaments and plenty of mirrors.


Dubai luxury / Modern look


This style emulates a sense of pure luxury. It’s a glamorous yet strong and modern style, designed with a sense of purpose. Crisp, whiter-than-white is the color for soft furnishings, which are made from light and airy fabrics such as chiffon and linen. Hard-edged and glossy materials like glass, steel and concrete make up the backbone of the look and are used to break up blocks of white.


Luxurious touches

In keeping with the modern theme, tech is a big part of this style. No modern element is spared - TVs, inbuilt sound systems and LED lighting are featured under sleek concrete verandas. Huge lounger beds provide a more-than-comfortable place of respite, with floaty fabrics acting as a surround for the popular four-poster style structures which often have bespoke, in-built tables for that extra convenience factor. Hot-tubs are a popular choice for adding a decadent touch, which come in useful when the weather gets cooler.


Outdoor kitchens and bars

Nothing spells luxury like having a pool-side bar, whilst an outdoor kitchen makes cooking a social and enjoyable activity when guests come over. Smooth-lined stainless steel kitchens are perfect for this look as they exude a look of modern elegance. Bar stools can be added to a separate island or a peninsula so guests can be made cocktails as they wait.


We’re brimming with ideas and inspiration to share with you so that you can create your dream patio. If you’re interested in getting started on your ideal patio or simply want to chat through various design ideas, we’d love to hear from you.






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